Taco Bell
"I miss the old you, the one I used to talk to."

— The Story So Far (via ptvmxrina)

"Men judge us
by our broad
hips and forget
their birthplace."

Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)


(via adeelaxo)


19th of September
"I cannot help
myself from
thinking that
maybe our
souls would
be compatible
with one another."

The possibility intrigues me. (via dollpoetry)


I want you to breathe
even if your lungs feel
like they are going to
collapse and even if
your mind is full of

Maybe I am selfish, but
I do not want to breathe
any oxygen that fills the
atmosphere unless it has
been exhaled by you.


Please breathe for me. (via dollpoetry)


I smell like cigarettes and heartbreak.

"You left me with just a goddamned scar."

— I am unhappy. (via thesadkidsclub)

"I will never forgive myself for letting a guy determine what I’m worth."

— Never again. (via thesadkidsclub)

"Last October, you loved me. March this year, you loved me. It’s May now, and you won’t even look me in the eyes."

— How things have changed (via thesadkidsclub)

"I remember staying up talking to you till 3 A.M on school nights when I had to wake up at 6. And skyping you under the covers with my phone next to my mouth so you could hear me whisper, and how we’d sneak around school and where we had our first kiss, and days where I couldn’t stand not being next to you."

— Part 1 of the memories I need to let go off (via thesadkidsclub)

"You will miss him no matter
how nicely or how badly he
treated you and no matter
how long or how little you
had him you will miss
him and you will want him
to be the one that comforts
you and you will want to know
why he did this to you and you
will scream at the world and be
angry even at the flowers that
grow from the soil of the earth
and you will collapse on the floor
like a leaf falling from its tree and
you will feel lost like a tourist in a
foreign city and you will feel so
numb that you will have to check
if your heart is even beating and
I am not going to sugarcoat it for
you and I am not going to tell you
that he will come back and lift you
out of your grave because the truth
is you will have to stitch your body
back together and you will have
to be the one that cleans the
waterfall of tears that have
splashed your cheeks and no
matter how much you wish
for him to come back you will
have to learn that most stars
are already dead in light-years
and you have to be the one
that fixes your own gears of
your contraption because
you are the only one that can
swim when you are drowning
in your own blood."

— You will miss him. (via dollpoetry)



this is from one if my favorite films, I think this little poem she used to say is twisted but also strangely good. I can remember it even with out having the words. As I often say it to myself ~Lauren

ich weiß nicht wie das für dich ist, aber Hände halten hat etwas mit Vertrauen zu tun